Gabriella Croci Founder The Common Ground Collective

 “We strongly believe that art is the perfect way to connect people and it always makes room for healing, growth and purpose.”

Gabriella Croci, Founder  


Originally, the charity was registered to deliver physical workshops in educational environments in and around Surrey for those in need. When the Coronavirus and the national lockdown hit the UK, it was clear that we needed new ways to bring our therapeutic processes to a wider audience to help spread joy and creativity - our new art kits were born!

While still delivering our physical workshops in-line with government guidelines, we are now also selling our art kits online and deliver directly to your door for a creative session in the safety of your own home!

We have been fortunate to partner up with lovely creative professionals who have donated online tutorials to help you on your creative journey. However, if the clay is nothing more than a muddy, slippery mess or your calligraphy doesn't resemble anything similar to a text - that's okay too. Throughout our journey we have realised it has never been about the final product, the true purpose of the session only ever existed in the process! 

We would therefore love for you to share your experience and creative sessions with us on #thecommongroundcollective

Don't forget that we have a Buy One Donate One policy so while you are getting creative with your new art kits you are also allowing someone else to do the same!  

We hope to hear from you soon!

- The Common Ground team