Busy Hands, Quiet Mind: Calligraphy Kit

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This kit is all about bringing calm and beauty into your home!

The Calligraphy Kit provides you with all the tools that you need to nail this seasons gift cards, personalised baubles and more. We have partnered up with the lovely LouPaper to make sure that you are off to a flying start! The kit is one of our more advanced kits and therefore better suited for our creative adults over 15 yrs of age.

No matter the outcome we'd love for you to share your experience and creations with us and the Common Ground Community on social channels with the hashtag #commongroundartkit

What’s Included:

  • Straight Wooden Calligraphy Pen Holder
  • Nikko G Nib
  • Indian Ink
  • Wooden Eco Pencil
  • Rhodia Head-Stapled Notepad (A5)
  • Layout Sheets
  • Printed calligraphy How-To Guide for beginners by Louise Ralphs from LouPaper
  • 4 Online Tutorials; an introduction to modern calligraphy and your toolkit, warm-up drills, the alphabet and joining letters also delivered by Louise Ralphs from LouPaper

Remember that we have a BUY ONE DONATE ONE policy so while you are getting stuck in with your new clay creations you are also giving someone else the opportunity to do the same!

Busy Hands, Quiet Minds is a project delivered by the charity Common Ground Collective. We use art to promote physical and mental wellbeing for people from marginalised communities. So there is no better way to support your local community then to get Family, Friends and Colleagues involved and get started with your own creative session! 

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